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"I love working at the bench. For me, that's where it all happens; materials, eyes, hands and a lifetime of experiences interact in spontaneous ways. A bridge, ocean currents, stone textures, plant systems, and a dance performance can come together in a single moment, in a single piece of jewelry. The rawness and the purity of what emerges not only excites and inspires me, but clearly speaks a common language with women who like me have sought a life rich with experiences."

Elizabeth Garvin launched Elizabeth Garvin Design in 1988. Her mission then was to make fun, contemporary silver jewelry that she herself, a penniless, student loan laden struggling artist, could and would buy.  It was a hybrid style of industrial art jewelry with a very playful, even humorous skin, and very affordable. The work immediately began selling through boutiques, galleries and museum shops world-wide. The daughter of an architect and an engineer, the daily challenges addressing design, beauty, wearability and hands on production processes kept the left and right side of her brain very happy.  For a while....

Somewhere around 2010-2011, a new mantra prevailed, "I want to spend more time on each piece, and more time with each customer." In 2012 a new collection of fine jewelry was launched using blackened silver, 18k gold, 95% pure palladium and rustic diamonds, Elizabeth Garvin Fine. In the 3 years since it's inception, the range of materials and design themes has grown, as has the depth of imagery and inspiration. 

Our handcrafted works are sold predominantly through selected retailers. The relationship between a designer and a retailer who share a vision not only offers essential and mutual support between two individually owned businesses, but also provides our customers and collectors with the best possible experience of the jewels we make. There is nothing like holding a piece in your hands, feeling it's weight, seeing how it moves, watching the light flow over its surface textures and gleam through it's gems. Try it on, see how the metals glow with your skin, how it's details compliment your face, how the stones twinkle back at you from your hand. Fall in love, knowing that both the designer and the retailer stand behind what they sell, because long before you walked through the door, they fell in love with it too.

As a new collection, our list of authorized dealers is growing. Our Retailers page will lead you to the nearest location where you can experience the jewelry first hand, though there are still many areas where there are none. If you live in one of those areas, we invite you to create an account and learn about our work directly through us.  We are based in NYC and happily welcome our private clients to visit the studio whenever your travels bring you here.

You can also view our entire collection and shop online. You can also set up a secure account for faster checkout.

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